Book Club

Bored to Death book club orginated as, you’ve guessed it, a book club. Born from a boredom with the current literary climate and the disappointment of never talking about the actually interesting books we started a book club.

Every month we come together to talk about a book while eating delicious food and drinking some beer. We’ll pick the book, bring the food and drinks and all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

We try to pick books that are still a bit unfamiliar or unappreciated, preferably published by small publishing firms. The books we read will be written in English, but the talks and discussion can be in any language you prefer. Our members get to vote every month of the book of their choice. Bored to Death makes a selection of two and which ever one gets the most votes wins!

For the food and drinks we are grateful to have Lof der Zoetheid catering, ensuring that you will always enjoy book club nights, even if you didn’t like the book.

I want to order now!

The next books up for order are:




Order Strange Bodies now
9200000009375048.jpg (544Ă—840)



Order A Tale for the Time Being Now


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