Shut up & Write

Although the title is pretty clear cut, Shut up & Write is a writing session for wordsmiths of any kind to come together and write in silence for an hour.

Being silence for an entire hour? It’s impossible! We hear you and we also thought it couldn’t be done, but we guarantee that if you spend just one hour with us, you will get things DONE!

Bored to Death book club will be hosting the sessions, making sure you know when to start and end. Afterwards there is always the option of discussing your work or reading from it if you like to share. But please don’t let that scare you. If you are more comfortable staring awkwardly at other people while they talk, we totally get it. So sharing is very optional!

Shut up & Write is a great way for authors of any age and kind to get some work done. You don’t have to work on a great literary masterpiece or be a wunderkind to join. Anyone is welcome to do any type of writing as long as you know how to keep quiet for 60 minutes.

Our next Shut Up & Write will be on Saturday the 3rd of Mat at King Kong Hostel. You can sign up on Facebook or by sending us an e-mail.

Originally hailing from the USA, Jonas Kooyman was clever enough to introduce it to Holland. He started his sessions in Amsterdam in 2012 and it has been a great success. Recently Shut Up & Write spread to Utrecht and now Rotterdam is joining in with the fun as well! Signing up for sessions will be available through or on FB and if anyone wants to invite us and our writers, let us know!


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