Read & Release

If you have found a book with one of these stickers, then rejoice, you’ve found a free book!


The book is 100% free, no strings attached. However, we hope you decide to not keep it, but to leave it for someone else to find just like you did. Think of it as spreading around joy and love. You could be like santa, a book-santa that is.
So decide once and for all who you want to be. A book-santa or a book-devil who hoards all the free books he can get. I thought so. Now leave that book somewhere in public transportation for another to find and leave a comment here or on FB or Twitter about where you left it. You will see that the book will find a new home and that you will be loved for it.

If you want some of these stickers to leave on your own books, just send us a message. It’s no problem sending of bringing them to you!


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