Free Library Rotterdam

Our Free Library can now be found at The Tea Lab on the Westewagenstraat 80. It will stay there to roam around the teacups for two months, leaving again in June. So come visit it and let us know what books you like and what you think of it!

We have build a free library for the readers of Rotterdam together with designer Annemieke Rensen. To build this we are financed by FEAST, a crowdfunding/dining initiative.

The concept of the free library is super easy. It’s put somewhere in a public place, accessible for everyone. We put some nice books in it that people can borrow and read and return at their own time. The readers are urged to bring back books of their own so they can share their books and reading experiences with others!

We’re always looking for a good place to put this beauty, so if you would like to put it in your store/library/park or just in your vicinity, please let us know!

Our free library looks like this:


Free Library at Lebkov Rotterdam



Free Library at The Tea Lab


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