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Meet Rachel Kushner with Bored to Death book club & Atlas Contact

In January we brought you the very fun Murakami Festival. For this we worked together with the Atlas Contact, the publisher of this and many more awesome books.


For April they have something new and exciting coming up and were nice enough to share it with the Bored to Death book club readers!
Rachel Kushner, known from the very interesting book The Flamethrowers will visit Amsterdam on the 16th of April with the John Adams Institute. It will be a great interview and a fun night and we are happy to invite all of you to go there!

Atlas is making you a special offer to go to the event and to also receive the book there – signed of course!- for only €34,99. This is a €5,- discount for the normal price and will only count if you send an email to Atlas Publishing (mvanas@atlascontact.nl). The book will be the Dutch version of The Flamethrowers (De Vlammenwerpers), but the lecture will be in English.

So what are you waiting for? Go send them an email and make sure you get that book!