Book club pick #10

It has been a while since the last online vote after Dave Eggers recommendation and the Nijmegen book club combined voting. However for our tenth edition in July, which will be the final book club before our one month summer break, the vote is all yours again!

You can pick between the two following books:

Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux combines science-fiction with Dostoevsky when Nicky Slopen returns from the dead. He has been dead for months. So when a man claiming to be Nicholas turns up to visit an old girlfriend, deception seems the only possible motive. From the secure unit of a notorious psychiatric hospital, he begins to tell his tale: an account of attempted forgery that draws the reader towards an extraordinary truth – a metaphysical conspiracy that lies on the other side of madness and death.

The second book is Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World written by Donald Antrim. It’s a short novel, spanning not even 200 pages.  In Pete Robinson’s seaside suburban town, things have, well, fallen into disrepair. The voters have de-funded schools, the mayor has been drawn and quartered by an angry mob of townsmen, and Turtle Pond Park is stocked with claymore mines. Pete Robinson, third grade teacher with a 1:32 scale model of an Inquisition dungeon in his basement, wants to open a new school, and in his effort to do so he stumbles upon another idea: he needs to run for mayor.

So vote for your favorite book to read before the summer ends.  We would also love to hear what books you would want to read over the summer to discuss with us in September. Any recommendations are welcome!


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