The WoMentoring Project

Twitter can generate the best ideas. It probably has something to do with the rush of making the perfect 140-letters quip, but something about the short, fast paced messages creates a whirl-wind of interesting and awesome plans. One of these plans is The WoMentoring Project, a literary project aimed at helping lady authors who are just starting out. The idea was thrown out into the world on Twitter, asking professionals from the book-world to donate a couple of hours of their time on this mentoring project. The response was overwhelming and in just a couple of hours the project was staffed with over 60 volunteering mentors.


The founder of the project is author Kerry Hudson and together with a ton of other professional literary women she will donate some of her time to an author who catches her eye. The mission of the project is to introduce woman writers at the beginning of their careers to made-women so they can benefit from some insight, knowledge and support. Hopefully this will help to put new talent out into the world and put new awesome books on your bookshelf. And have I already mentioned this will all be completely free!

Unfortunately in many countries men still dominate the publishing world. Men get reviewed and paid more then their female counterparts which is just wrong. The WoMentoring Project however is not in the business of overthrowing a male-dominated field. They just want to equal the playing field, ensuring women get just as many chances as men.


So how does this work? What should you do as a budding author to get into the mentoring programme?
Each mentor will select their own mentee and it is at their discretion how little or much time they donate. Unfortunately there has to be an application process to get in. There are simply not enough mentors for every possible new author. To applu you will have to submit a 1000 word writing sample and a 500 word statement about why they would benefit from free mentoring. All applications will be in application to a specific mentor and mentees can only apply for one mentor at a time. This way the mentors know a little something about the writers and fit the perfect fit.

The WoMentoring project is so great because it’s all about giving back. Many of the now literary professionals have received help and advice when they were starting out. This is their way of paying it forward and helping a new generation of booky ladies step up. Every part of the project is free and made without a budget. Literary women have put in their

time and know-how to create everything from the programme to the website and awesome illustrations (the ones you see here are made by Sally Jane Thompson) . It’s all about exceptional women helping and supporting other exceptional women. Sounds pretty good to me!


If you want to know more about the project or apply to a mentee position go over to their website and find the info you need. And if you do, we would love to hear about your progress and support your writing here as well. Keep us in the loop by posting in the comments or send us an email at

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