Boring Book Recommendation: My Biggest Lie by Luke Brown


What is this book about?
The book is about an editor who loses everything one day. He gets dumped by his girlfriend and ‘kills’ a newly made friend and established writer (whilst doing a lot of drugs) on the same day. He then decides to hop on a plane to Argentina to escape everything and write the novel he always wanted to write. In Buenos Aires he meets an old friend and her jealous boyfriend. When -again- he is on the verge of losing everything, something happens that changes everything.

Why is it boring?
This book starts with a bang. Break-up, death, drugs, but then the writer takes it slow. The main character is lost in translation in Buenos Aires trying to create a novel and a new life. He takes Spanish classes and in the mean time he takes a lot of drugs and does some really stupid things. So it’s not really boring but the main character isn’t an interesting person at all. He’s a loser that cries a lot and is losing the grip on his live. But that makes it pretty fun to read actually.

Who would you recommend it to?
People with an interest in the book business. The book is about an editor and gives a tiny view of how the book business works. Also people with a broken heart. It’s all about losing the one you love and trying to get her back.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!
Yeah, why would you? This is why! It’s a well written story about a man full of regret and self pity.
It’s a funny read and the book gets exciting at the end. There are some good unexpected twists involved, which I can’t tell you anything about. So buy it and find out on your own!

Rating: 3/5

Written by Charlotte de Heer.
Book provided by American Book Center‘s You Review.
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