Book Club Pick #8: Dave Eggers Recommends

This Monday the founding members of Bored to Death book club skipped work to go to a book signing by Dave Eggers at De Nieuwe Boekhandel in Amsterdam. If it wasn’t clear yet how dedicated we are to books and our book club, we believe this outing will state it as a fact. Together with about twenty other book lovers we dutifully waited in line for our turn to meet Dave Eggers and to have our books signed. This took a while. Quite a while even, as we stood in line for almost two hours. Dave (we can call him Dave after those two hours) is one of those authors who takes his time signing books. With every reader he slowly shook his or her hand, gracefully taking their books and started signing away while chit-chatting about whatever came up. We hear him have conversations about Her, about Los Angeles, about other books and authors and about how slow he was. He apologized to us many times, but continued to take his time with every reader and no one wanted him to do otherwise.

When it was our turn we had had plenty of time to think of what we wanted to talk about with Dave and we are happy to say that we spend our one question on our book club. We asked Dave if he could recommend us a book for our next meeting and of course he was full of them! His immediate response was for us to read Tenth of December by George Saunders, a short story collection by one of the funniest authors of our time. We had been wanting to do a book of short stories so this was perfect! Besides this book he also recommended us anything by Junot Diaz and Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple, but we were set with his first book club pick.


He even underlined it. How can we resist?!

So all of this is a really long way of saying that for the month of May Bored to Death book Club has gone from a democracy into a dictatorship and there will be no voting for the book club pick of May. When Dave Eggers tells you to read a book, you read it and by God, all of you will. If riots ensue after our small coup, we will strike down with an iron fist and promise you all you will get to vote on a book again for June. Also we will bribe you with beer and tasties if it’s really necessary.

2 thoughts on “Book Club Pick #8: Dave Eggers Recommends

  1. Ngan R. says:

    Great recommendations by Dave Eggers! Tenth of December is terrific–my favorite story in the collection was “My Chivalric Fiasco.” Looking forward to reading your review.

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