Boring Book Recommendation: Parsifal by Jim Krusoe

13239818“ And then for every thousand people, or ten or a hundred thousand people who had never dated a librarian at all (and didn’t know what they were missing!), there had to be someone like him who had dated practically nothing but.”

What is this book about?

The earth and the sky are at war but our hero, Parsifal, is more interested in looking for an old cup in the woods he grew up in. Following Misty, an attractive girl who brought her fountain pen to Parsifal’s Fountain Pen repair shop, he walks into a drug-filled dangerous adventure.

Why is it boring?

It all sounds rather interesting, but the adventure lacks any real excitement, any real emotion and any real interest. The story meanders along while Parsifal recalls his past and his many love affairs with librarians. The story is trying to be too quirky and the episodic storytelling hurts the book greatly.

Who would you recommend it to?

Literary hipsters. The book is filled with love for librarians, fountain pens and people who are different. Parsifal grew up in the woods with his mother while his father traveled back and forth between his job in the city and his home. His court-appointed therapist Joe is bad at keeping boundaries and likes to eat Chinese food with his patients. Nothing about this book is ordinary and the quirky characters fly of the page.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

It is by no means badly written. The characters are fun and the writing can be funny, but I never got a good sense of the book as a whole. The journey Parsifal makes isn’t very important and in the end it doesn’t really lead him anywhere. The book has all the ingredients to be an adorkable masterpiece, but it falls short on actual story and can’t keep my interest. The book and cover do look great, as I love a book with uncut edges, but if the physical characteristics of a novel are the best thing, it’s not really worth recommending.

Rating 2/5

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