Boring Book Recommendation: Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware


“This life we endure – how strange, yet how jolly” 

What is this book about?

The graphic novel is an exploration of the first meeting between Jimmy Corrigan, the smartest kid on Earth at age 36, and his father. Jimmy is a lonely, socially awkward mama’s boy, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming up strange alternate realities.

Why is it boring?

Jimmy is about the most unattractive main character you can come up with. He mumbles, doesn’t look very good and is the worst at interacting with other people. They just sort of monologue at him and all he does as the title character is nod and sniff his noise.

Who would you recommend it to?

People with father issues. Or mother issues. I guess just people with people issues all together. If you feel awkward in most social situations and you have overbearing relatives or loved ones, I recommend this book to you wholeheartedly.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

The book is gorgeous. Every page is filled with interesting shapes and little asides, great colours and images. Within the book you find pages that are instructions on how to make a cut-out of  the family house providing you with all the pieces on the front and back of one page or histories of Chicago venues written in the tiniest font. Every page is richly filled with details that you might not even all get in one reading. But it’s not just the look of the book that is impressive. The story is deeply emotional while still funny and Ware weaves two stories cleverly together by also telling the history of Jimmy’s great-grandfather. The book is a challenge to read, which only makes it more interesting. This book will make you read every letter and search every corner of every page for hidden jokes and dry remarks.

Rating 4 /5

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